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sip series

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sip series

sip technology

sip series

technology overview

sip (system in package) module contain one or more active die, passive components, flash memory and sensor in package. integrating advanced smt, molding, emi shielding technologies to provide smaller body size and higher performance product. current mobile / iot product is requiring multi functions and small form, dsm (dual side module) packages enable top and bottom side assembly with high heterogeneous integration (logic / flash / pmic …) and provide emi shielding protection.for electric signal connection of dsmpackages, develop substrate interposer and laser ablation technologies to connect module and pcb.


dsmsip is suitable for any system with multi functions in a smaller package such as wifi module, mmwave module, rf module and wearable device (smart watch / tws). sip solutions are widely range of smart application including smart home, smart city and any other wireless communication devices. high density smt, dual side mold, laser technology and shielding technologies are developed to meet high integration sip assembly requirements.


die size and quantity

 ◆ die size up to 15 x 15 mm

 ◆ die quantity up to 10 pcs


 ◆ 4-20 layer laminate build-up substrates

 ◆ thin core

bump types

 ◆ eutectic sn/pb

 ◆ sac305 / cu pillar

 ◆ pitch down to 130um

package types

 ◆ dsmsip / up to 80 components and dies on package

 ◆ dsm i/o connect method / substrate interposer and laser ablation

 ◆ exposed die

 ◆ muf(moldunderfill)

 ◆ down to 0.35 mmball pitch

 ◆ passive component size down to 008004 / comp. clearance 80 um

services include

 ◆ high density smt sip development

 ◆ hybrid sip development

 ◆ dual side mold / film mold / selective capabilities

 ◆ laser cutting / trench / ablation / drill capabilities

 ◆ emi shielding capabilities

 ◆ substrate interposer application capabilities






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